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Though PANGOLIN Batch 1 and 2 have been a great success - OVIK strives to keep design under constant review; taking feedback from the field and introducing new technologies and manufacturing techniques whenever possible.  OVIK has designed a new chassis system known simply as STRIVE (; STRIVE is born of OVIK's desire not to be constrained by the chassis supplied by big-name manufacturers such as Land Rover and Toyota.  STRIVE is fully developed and now in service in a number of specialist applications around the world.  It made sense to revise PANGOLIN into a STRIVE based vehicle and the new variant - the 'ADVANCE' takes PANGOLIN into a new league.

A league of its own.


Right back to the drawing board....

OVIK is now in the process of designing and building the next generation Armoured Public Order Vehicle based upon the all new OVIK STRIVE chassis system.  The move away from OEM chassis gives much greater scope for armouring - no longer constrained by the 3.05 tonne (recently down-graded from 3.50 tonnes) of the DEFENDER chassis which, to be fair, was never designed to be transformed into an armoured vehicle.  The new PANGOLIN 'ADVANCE' - features a 3.2 litre, 200 BHP (470Nm Torque) 5 cylinder FORD Duratorq engine with 6 speed auto transmission and change-on-the-fly 4x2 / 4x4 drive.  With a GVW of up to 5 tonnes, ADVANCE has huge scope for operational payload and massive stretch potential for future armour upgrades.  Designed from the ground up as a Public Order Vehicle ADVANCE (which is a specialist derivative of the OVIK CROSSWAY) sets the new bench-mark in armouring and flexibility. OVIK has recently made sales of the first-off ADVANCE vehicles to UK Police.

PANGOLIN ADVANCE is based on the OVIK STRIVE Ultra Heavy Duty Chassis and is derived from the OVIK CROSSWAY Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle. The OVIK STRIVE chassis system is specifically designed to accommodate heavy payloads. With a FORD 3.2 Litre Duratorq engine (200 BHP - 470 Nm Torque) and 4x2 / 4x4 shift-on-the-fly transmission along with OVIK heavy duty suspension, bespoke, heavy duty axles and electronic differential locks - the STRIVE chassis - rated up to 5 Tonnes GVW, is in a league of its own.

PANGOLIN ADVANCE is a Public Order derivative of the OVIK CROSSWAY Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle - shown in the images below in the 5 door Command and Control role - Designed for the FENCER project. 170 FENCER equipped CROSSWAY vehicles have been ordered. 


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